wine storage racks

Unique looking wall mount wine rack as added interior decoration

Wall mount wine rack could usually be seen by a lot of people inside bars for their functions to keep the many different types of wine bottles that they have for their customers. Other than to keep wine bottles, these wine racks could also have a different artistic value for their visitors especially if they are uniquely shaped and designed. Actually there are many more other types and designs that […]

swing arm wall sconce

Different types and designs of swing arm wall lamps

Swing arm wall lamp could be used for your home office room. Other than to provide enough lighting for when you are working, this type of lamp could also be used as a decoration for the room itself especially because of its unique look. They also come in different models, shapes, sizes and designs to choose from so you could buy the ones that fit you best. Compared to lamps […]

wall mounted mailboxes

Do It Yourself (DIY) wall mount mailbox project for your home

Wall mount mailbox is something that you could make by yourself with the help of some friends or other family members during the weekend as one of your own housing-project to keep you occupy during the weekend and also could be done as a nice bonding time with your other friends and families. They are usually used to keep the personal information of the home owners safe from nosy neighbors […]

western wailing wall

Wailing Wall or Western Wall in Israel

Wailing Wall that is known as western wall is a section of the Herod’s temple that is located on the western side of the Temple Mount in the city of Jerusalem. It has believed by many Jewish people as a sacred site and thousands of people have made pilgrimages each year there. Many people also pray on the wall when they visit the site especially Jewish people and on the […]

wall mount electric fireplace heater

Enjoyable smoke-free room by using wall mount electric fireplace

Wall mount electric fireplace could satisfy everyone’s desires to have and feel comfortable in a room environment by maintaining an ambient temperature. In older days, this was done through the traditional wood burning fireplaces. The traditional wood burning fireplaces release a lot of dangerous and polluting gases into your home. Besides the oxygen depletion by the traditional wood burning, the release of carbon mono-oxide in abundance use to suffocate and […]

room divider

Using wall dividers for your minimalist home

Wall dividers could be the perfect solution that you could use to divide the rooms inside your house, especially if you don’t particularly want to use real wall but still need to divide some space or rooms. They could be good to be used for a minimalist home because they don’t take up much space in their placements and also could still perform to do its functions the way they […]

gas wall heater parts

Gas wall heaters to keep your house warm at all times

Gas wall heaters come in two different base types, which are vented gas and free vented. It has a disposal pipeline that is usually done by making a hole on the wall or even through the chimney. This kind of heater has their own source of energy that could produce heat up from 25,000 up to 50,000 BTU heat. Most of them have their own power blower and also thermostat […]

wall sconce

Opt for a plug in wall sconce to decorate your hallway

Plug in wall sconce could make you eliminate a master electrician in order to have bright, functional wall lamp. Anywhere there is a nearby electrical outlet, even a beginner can easily install a plug-in light. Hang it on the wall, plug it in and you are good to go. Pin-up kits are usually offered as an option to direct wire installations but with rigid cord covers matching the wall plate […]

large wall clocks

Oversized wall clocks as a unique decoration inside the house

Oversized wall clocks could just be another important component to be added into your home to help you with your daily activities especially the ones inside the house. Even though you are already wearing a watch, your clocks inside your house could still play an important role in your life. They could also be used as a souvenir or a present. There are many different types, styles, designs and even […]