built in bookshelves

DIY Wall bookshelves as a budgeted project

Wall bookshelves could just be the great way to smartly accentuate your wall. It also features the collections of your books while in the same time organizing it in a neat and orderly way. Some inspirations and ideas will make the bookshelves as a part of the decoration of the room and they are also quite easy to be created in a DIY way so it will not cost too […]

wall electric heaters

Different types and characteristics of an electric wall heater

Electric wall heater could just be the necessary addition that you need to heat up the room. They are mostly needed as heat complement in the small space such as in the bathroom and usually dug in the hollow space between wall studs with a motorized fan, even though some models have silent radiant heat with electric coil and reflective back panel. However, you have to initially acknowledge the most […]

how to hang a guitar on the wall

Guitar wall hanger to showcase your guitar collection

Guitar wall hanger could be used perfectly as a system for you to organize your guitar collection in one of the room inside your house. It would be nice to have them stored and organized so that they don’t just lie around on the floor creating a messy look for your jamming room. The mounting system is something that you would want to consider especially if you have more than […]

wall mounted air conditioner sale

Wall mounted air conditioner to cool the rooms inside your house

Wall mounted air conditioner is used a lot inside many people’s home to make the rooms inside their house cooler. It is especially nice during a hot summer day for them to turn their air conditioner on. Along with the advanced technology these days, people use air con more inside their houses because they are way better than just a cooling fan. Before air conditioner exists, most people could feel […]

wall mount wine rack

Unique looking wall mount wine rack as added interior decoration

Wall mount wine rack could usually be seen by a lot of people inside bars for their functions to keep the many different types of wine bottles that they have for their customers. Other than to keep wine bottles, these wine racks could also have a different artistic value for their visitors especially if they are uniquely shaped and designed. Actually there are many more other types and designs that […]

swing arm floor lamp

Different types and designs of swing arm wall lamps

Swing arm wall lamp could be used for your home office room. Other than to provide enough lighting for when you are working, this type of lamp could also be used as a decoration for the room itself especially because of its unique look. They also come in different models, shapes, sizes and designs to choose from so you could buy the ones that fit you best. Compared to lamps […]

mailbox wall mount

Do It Yourself (DIY) wall mount mailbox project for your home

Wall mount mailbox is something that you could make by yourself with the help of some friends or other family members during the weekend as one of your own housing-project to keep you occupy during the weekend and also could be done as a nice bonding time with your other friends and families. They are usually used to keep the personal information of the home owners safe from nosy neighbors […]

liberated wailing wall

Wailing Wall or Western Wall in Israel

Wailing Wall that is known as western wall is a section of the Herod’s temple that is located on the western side of the Temple Mount in the city of Jerusalem. It has believed by many Jewish people as a sacred site and thousands of people have made pilgrimages each year there. Many people also pray on the wall when they visit the site especially Jewish people and on the […]

wall mounted electric fireplace

Enjoyable smoke-free room by using wall mount electric fireplace

Wall mount electric fireplace could satisfy everyone’s desires to have and feel comfortable in a room environment by maintaining an ambient temperature. In older days, this was done through the traditional wood burning fireplaces. The traditional wood burning fireplaces release a lot of dangerous and polluting gases into your home. Besides the oxygen depletion by the traditional wood burning, the release of carbon mono-oxide in abundance use to suffocate and […]